Top ten most useful scuba diving apps (part 1)

Thanks to the development of the internet, now we mostly can do anything on out smart devices. Like any other field of life, when it comes to scuba diving, there are also a wide variety of apps, sites, and services, which we can learn everything about the underwater sport. However, it seems hard to refine our options and find the apps that worked best for us. To help you take it easier, we have compiled a list of the most useful scuba diving apps out there.

Dive Log

Best for: Dive logging

Platforms: iOS

Price: $12.99

This app works as your primary diving logbook. Using location services on your device, you can capture the GPS coordinates of your dive site and then fill in information about the dive. This also helps you have an immediate answer if your dive guide asks what depth you dived to or how much weight you used on your last dive.


Best for: Booking dives, dive community

Platforms: iOS, Android

Price: Free

Deepblu allows users to plan dive travel based on user reviews and media, discover dive sites, and directly book dives with local shops. It also has a lively online community of divers, which makes it easier for you to find and share advice and look for dive groups in a given area.

PADI – Scuba Diving Essentials

Best for: Locating dive shops

Platforms: iOS, Android

Price: Free

PADI offers a handy way for divers to keep up to date on scuba news, explore dive sites, locate PADI dive centers and resorts, and access PADI e-Cards.

iDeco Pro

Best for: Dive planning

Platforms: iOS

Price: $7.99

This app is a complete multiple dive and multi-level dive planner, including gas usage, decompression stops, OTU tracking, CNS tracking, surface Interval tracking and many more. It also features a free version that suits most beginning divers.