Tips you should know about scuba diving

Scuba diving is one of the most popular sports in the world with all walks of life. It brings novelty and fantastic happiness when you discover the ocean life. You are easily attracted by incredible beauty of the marine.

Actually, there are potential danger in the deep marine which you can’t control. So, you should remember the dangers of scuba diving to solve urgent cases.

Malfunctioning equipment in diving

Equipment in diving is expensive, so people have usually intention to hiring it from the owner. When diving equipment are used many times for amateur, it is easy to be broken or damaged. It is better that you should carefully test and check before enjoying your trip.

If there is any problem about diving equipment, it can cause bad result like drowning.

Pulmonary embolism sickness

When diving, the increased pressure of the underwater environment leads to raising the gas in diver’s breath. So diver needs to rapidly appear to the surface to catch up the breath. It’s fast speed causing the lungs swell. So many times, diver can be pulmonary embolism.

During diving, you should make slow ascents to the surface and remember that you never hold your breath in water. Try to practice to breathing in the water before starting this official sport.

Oxygen toxicity

The fact that it only happens when divers go up to 135 feet. On theory, the body absorbs more oxygen under pressure of raised underwater.

Estimated that in deep 135 feet, extra oxygen becomes toxic because it produces so much itself. It can affect to your vision, even loss of consciousness and seizures if you dive a long time

Marine life

We can’t deny that the marine life is incredible and mystery. But you should remember that this world is also wilderness. Both wild animals and sea creatures can be aggressive to you anytime they want. You should carefully take care of sea life with caution and respect.