The best scuba diving destinations in Hong Kong (part 1)

The best scuba diving destinations in Hong Kong (part 1)

From a humble fishing village to one of the world’s busiest ports, Hong Kong always has a history intertwined with the water surrounding it. Although scuba diving might not be the first thing coming to mind when thinking of the seas surrounding the city, you will be surprised how clear and ripe for diving the water on the shores of HK is.

Let’s dive into Hong Kong’s waters to rediscover the sea, gliding in the depths at the same time marveling at schools of fish and curious, rare critters of fascinating colors. Here’s a list of the best scuba diving destinations in Hong Kong.

Hoi Ha Wan

Hoi Ha Wan is a protected marine reserve that spans 260 hectares and has a fascinatingly diverse ecosystem with a plethora of maritime animals such as seahorses, starfish, and more. It also has a fascinating shipwreck, but scuba diving is difficult to arrange since the area is out of the way for diving boats. However,    if you are up for that deep underwater adventure, call Splash Hong Kong PADI instructors to take part in their scheduled trips to Hoi Ha Wan. Alternatively, if you are not too keen on diving into the water, you can book a guided tour with the World Wide Fund for Nature on a glass-bottom boat to marvel at the marine life while keeping your feet dry.

Yin Tsz Ngam

Aquatic life is really exciting, but how about some underwater history? Those who can withstand the strong currents can travel to Yin Tsz Ngam to find a cargo ship that was allegedly sunk in an accident in the 1960s. Although the ship’s body has been broken down during decades of erosion, the cement bags that it once held are still largely intact and have become a home to a variety of aquatic life over the years.