The following article will provide some guidelines, key features to consider, making it easy and suitable for you whether you are snorkeling (snorkeling) or scuba diving ( scuba diving).
Comfort and fit

The mouth of the breathing tube should fit so that you can comfortably hold it. Silicone breathing tubes often provide a more comfortable feeling. The breathing tube also has a section for you to bite to help keep the breathing tube in your mouth, you feel comfortable, not needing too much force.

The head of breathing tube

You can choose between open-top snorkel, open-top top, snorkel or semi-dry top snorkel, or dry top snorkel.

If you regularly snorkel in the rough waters, you will need at least a breathing tube with the head covered with water, preventing the waves from splashing into the breathing tube

Waterproof valve with snorkel has outstanding advantages, especially if you tend to dive deep down to observe marine life. Water will not be able to spill into the breathing tube (of course, when you dive deep, you cannot breathe). The minus point of this kind of breathing tube, according to some people, is that sometimes you will find it difficult to breathe deeply.

Length and diameter

If it is too short, the breathing tube will be immediately flooded when you dive. If it is too long, it will be harder to breathe deeper and it will be difficult to blow air or water out of the breathing tube. Similar to the diameter of the breathing tube, the diameter of the breathing tube is too big to make it easier to stop the water from the breathing tube. Conversely, the narrower the diameter of your breathing tube will make your breathing more difficult. Most new breathing tubes are the right size for people with average body shape.


Snorkel for snorkelling is probably the cheapest equipment in the set in diving equipment. So you don’t need to mind about it a lot. For $ 15 to $ 25 you can buy a good breathing tube. The most expensive model of snorkel is usually the dry top snorkel – a snorkel with an absolute waterproof valve, priced between $ 30 and $ 50.