Top 10 the best places for scuba diving in 2019

Top 10 the best places for scuba diving in 2019 <Part 1>

Scuba diving has become a popular water sport in the world. It’s a great way to discover new life in the marine by yourself. So many people intend to go the sea and enjoy scuba diving, especially in the summer.

If you are finding some good places for scuba diving, following this article to get new ideas

1/ The Blue Hole

Located in Belize, it is considered as one of the most famous scuba diving place in the world. You see from high view, the blue hole looks like a massive marine sinkhole.

It’s Jacques Cousteau- a famous explorer to discover and publicize to everyone about diving in the world best.

Water in this hole is extremely crystal-clear so it’s easy and clear to see reef sharks, sharks as well hammerheads under water.

2/ Thailand

Thailand is famous for naturally beautiful beaches such as Phuket, Ko Tao, Similan or the Surin Island. It has awesome sites to scuba dive.

There are available accessory shops to provide enough equipment for both beginners and experts. So you are comfortable to travel and scuba diving.

3/ Gili Islands

Located in Indonesia, Gili has become an attractive destination with tourist in the world because of the wildly natural beauty. A wide range of the reefs and crystal waters make the good place to scuba diving.

The fact that the huge reef system has been preserved carefully by policies from the Government. Furthermore, cost and expense for tourist service is dramatically cheaper than others.

4/ Sipadan

Located in Malaysia, Sipadan has been considered one of the best diving places in the world. You have opportunity to enjoy the marine life of the available reefs turtles, sharks, dolphins and school fish. It seems abundance for your discovery.

Top 3 Scuba Diving Places In The World

Top 3 Scuba Diving Places In The World

Do you plan a vacation? Let’s buy a T-shirt and search for somewhere fresh and interesting to go scuba diving. Sure that you have a perfect journey. Don’t need to look further. Here is top 3 scuba diving places in the world as useful recommendations. Follow it and find destinations yourself.

1/ Raja Ampat, Alor, Komodo in Indonesia

Indonesia is a millions of island, it is regarded as the most bio-diverse habitat in the world’s oceans. Raja Ampat has more than 1,500 species of fish and the crowded with well-known coral species. It has massive numbers of sharks and other animals. So you feel extremely exciting when you discover the life in marine.

Please note that this island has strong currents, you carefully get some experiences under the weight-belt so that you can enjoy everything from this particular place.

2/ Malapascua in Philippines

Malapascua which is a tiny little island just off the shores of Cebu, is famous for sharks and corals. Estimated that there are more than 500 different species of hard and soft coral living in this place.

It is considered as ‘an underwater paradise’ with various species and animal around amazingly diverse and vibrant coral reef. The water current is extremely strong and attractive to adventurous divers.

3/ The Riviera Maya in Mexico

It is highly recommended by divers so it is one of the best destinations in Mexico. Cenotes which means deep sinkholes are a well-known feature at there. It has an underwater cave system which helps divers to access the marine life better.

In this place, you can look for many whale sharks, schooling hammerheads along with sea lions, penguins and iguanas around the islands. They peacefully live in vast system where you should take more effort to discover it fully.