Scuba diving and freediving – New hobbies for sporty people

Scuba diving and freediving – New hobbies for sporty people

Although it takes a lot of time to practice, prepare to have an ocean exploration, but those who love this subject think that it is totally worth it. The feeling of weightless freedom when exploring the fanciful underwater world makes many tourists excited to go to the beach when there is a chance.

Finding joy at the bottom of the sea

Because diving is an extreme sport, participants are always required to undergo training. According to the diversion of professional scuba divers, this sport is divided into freedive and scuba.

Free diving means that the diver has absolutely no support for underwater breathing equipment. Free diving requires divers to train hard and properly follow the instructor’s instructions to improve their ability to hold their breath and withstand the pressure when being deep down.
Scuba diving is just like free diving but has a floating balance jacket, a breathing apparatus and oxygen tank. Under the clear blue water of the sea, you can see the fish swim around, the corals of all colors, this beautiful view has attracted many visitors to find new experiences at the bottom Ocean.
Currently, many courageous travelers also have night dive. At night the diver does not go fast and far away, just sticking to the sea floor, looking at the compass and the flashlight to dive in the black ocean
The biggest challenge in diving is the depth. For the first time diving, at a depth of about 5 meters will begin to feel hard to breath.

If you are in a state of panic or fear while diving, stop and relax for a few seconds to calmly handle the emergency situation.

In addition to the threat of incidents, sharks, poisonous jellyfish … Many seas also have an oyster that can be life threatening for divers.