Top famous scuba divers in the world

Top famous scuba divers in the world

Scuba diving is one of the best way to discover the attraction of the unattainable undersea. Because we can’t breathe in the deep water, finding new life under water is difficult and impossible naturally. By scuba diving, you are easier to do it. But it is only limitation, we only live in underwater world a short time. So you should prepare technique and tips to start a new challenge in the marine.

Top famous scuba divers in the world  make you stronger and more powerful before starting a journey underwater world.

Jean-Michel Cousteau

He is listed in the rank first of excellent scuba divers  in the world. Told that he could dive when he was 7 years old. Once he was directly thrown to the water by his father because his father wanted to practise a newly invented aqualung strapped to his back.

As a good consequence, he is president of the Ocean Futures Society and famous filmmaker.

Lloyd Bridges

Made his TV series “Sea Hunt” in 1957, he introduced life of scuba diving to all audiences. He was one of the first instructor member of NAUI.

Zale Perry

Before officially beginning her diving career in 1951, she was a test diver for major equipment manufacturers.

She is one of members in project of development of decompression chamber treatment for diving injuries. Now she is a member of the Diving Hall of Fame.

Albert Tillman

He was born in 1928. Along with Neal Hess, he founded the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) in 1960. Until now, NAUI is regarded as the second largest certification agency for issuing scuba diving in the world .

John Cronin

Along with Ralph Erickson, he founded PADI which is professional diver training organization. As a good result, PADI is the largest certification agency for issuing scuba diving in the world.







Tips you should know about scuba diving

Tips you should know about scuba diving

Scuba diving is one of the most popular sports in the world with all walks of life. It brings novelty and fantastic happiness when you discover the ocean life. You are easily attracted by incredible beauty of the marine.

Actually, there are potential danger in the deep marine which you can’t control. So, you should remember the dangers of scuba diving to solve urgent cases.

Malfunctioning equipment in diving

Equipment in diving is expensive, so people have usually intention to hiring it from the owner. When diving equipment are used many times for amateur, it is easy to be broken or damaged. It is better that you should carefully test and check before enjoying your trip.

If there is any problem about diving equipment, it can cause bad result like drowning.

Pulmonary embolism sickness

When diving, the increased pressure of the underwater environment leads to raising the gas in diver’s breath. So diver needs to rapidly appear to the surface to catch up the breath. It’s fast speed causing the lungs swell. So many times, diver can be pulmonary embolism.

During diving, you should make slow ascents to the surface and remember that you never hold your breath in water. Try to practice to breathing in the water before starting this official sport.

Oxygen toxicity

The fact that it only happens when divers go up to 135 feet. On theory, the body absorbs more oxygen under pressure of raised underwater.

Estimated that in deep 135 feet, extra oxygen becomes toxic because it produces so much itself. It can affect to your vision, even loss of consciousness and seizures if you dive a long time

Marine life

We can’t deny that the marine life is incredible and mystery. But you should remember that this world is also wilderness. Both wild animals and sea creatures can be aggressive to you anytime they want. You should carefully take care of sea life with caution and respect.

ScubaLab reviewd the best drysuits for Scuba Diving

ScubaLab reviewd the best drysuits for Scuba Diving

ScubaLab’s team consists of test divers, recently made evaluations on drysuits for scuba diving based on many categories. A drysuit keeps divers dry and warm, so these categories are selected to ensure the purposes of the clothes.

There are basically 13 categories to evaluate the quality of a scuba diving drysuit. They include: ease of donning, comfort and range of motion above the surface, range of motion submerged, effectiveness of seals, bouyancy control, boot security, inflator valve, exhaust valve, air movement, drag or streamlining, accessories, and ease of doffing. Through the test, there are nine models of drysuits to be considered best options for divers. In this article, we want to mention top three in the list of must-buy drysuit for divers.

Aqua Lung Fusion Bullet with Aircore

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Aqua Lung Fusion Bullet with Aircore

This brand of drysuit is outstanding for features like zipper design, ease of getting in and getting out, high stretch shell, comfortability, breathability, and no restriction of motion.

Bare Aqua Trek 1 Pro Dry

It weights only 4 pounds in medium large size. Very compact in breathable fabric. Its market price is reasonable. And last but not least, it is designed to easy to control the inside air movement.

Camaro Drytec Lite 3.0

It is also a lightweight option with flexible material. Putting on the suit, you can still find it easy to move with the suit fits your body perfectly. It also contains a handy zipper key pocket and a comfortable Velcro closure front entry.

Dive Rite 901 Series Front Zip

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Dive Rite 901 Series Front Zip

The new front zip provides rugged tech and cave gear. The drysuit is made in tough and flexible fabric, while it also includes a pair of comfortable and supportive boots.

DUI FLX Extreme

It is a well-made suit with long entry zipper for easy donning and doffing. Zip seal rings on FLX are soft and comfortable for movements. It is also a must-try drysuit for any scube diver.