What to do when your goggles are filled with water when diving?

What to do when your goggles are filled with water when diving?

Many new diver have difficulty cleaning glasses during diving. Usually when you study the basic diving course (Open Water Diver) you often rush through this skill in the hope that you won’t have to do it again. In fact, this is the skill you use the most when you go diving. Here are some ways to make cleaning your glasses easy and fast.

Breathe with your nose and look up

When cleaning the water in the glasses, you must create a pressure by breathing hard with your nose; Airflow from your nose will push the water out of the glasses. Press lightly on the upper part of the eyeglass, the purpose is to seal the upper rim of the eyeglasses with your forehead while creating an opening below so that the water can run out of the glasses.

You also need to look up a little bit so that the water flows down below the glasses and easily goes out when you do this.

Always remember that this glasses cleaning process may take several times. So just do the right way you learned. Breathe in through your mouth and breathe hard with your nose until your glasses are completely clear of water.

Do not leave the lower part of the glasses opened

If you are swimming snorkeling with water on your glasses, your natural reflexes will probably bring your head out of the water then use your hands to open the lower part of the glasses to let the water out. This will be useless when you are under water. If the lower part of the lens is exposed, water will settle in your glasses. This is very annoying because the water will enter your nose and it will make you feel that you cannot clean the water in the glasses, then you are more likely to be nervous and panic.

Always remember that when diving, water can get into your nose a little but it’s okay to apply the above methods when cleaning the water from the diving glasses. When the water is no longer inside the glasses you will be comfortable diving and exploring the colorful underwater world.