The Most Famous Scuba Diving Equipment Brands In The World (part 2)

The Most Famous Scuba Diving Equipment Brands In The World (part 2)

H2Odyssey: H2Odyssey provides whatever it requires to get you in the water and attempt to bring customers the highest quality gear at the lowest possible prices.

Cressi Sub S.P.A.: This company manufactures and distributes professional scuba diving equipment, as well as snorkeling and swimming equipment.

Cochran Consulting, Inc.: This is a manufacturer of dive regulators, computers, and a closed-circuit rebreather.

Dive Rite: Having supplying equipment for serious divers since 1984, Dive Rite is the creator of technical scuba diving equipment for wreck, advanced, and cave diving.

Diving Unlimited International, Inc.: This brand is the leader in keeping divers comfortable and warm.

Force Fin: During more than 25 years, with hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers, Froce Fin are the experts in fin design.

Divers Alert Network: During the last three decades, Divers Alert Network has been supplying lifesaving services to scuba divers all around the world.

Genesis Scuba: Genesis Scuba specifically designs and produces the highest-quality equipments for scuba divers, at the most competitive prices.

Henderson: With more than five decades of experience in designing and manufacturing wetsuits, Henderson® Brand wetsuits are backed with the most comprehensive consumer warranty. They have succeeded in developing a reputation of quality and performance.

Ikelite: This brand has produced underwater flashlights, photographic equipment, and compasses since 1962, introducing a lot of innovative new products to the diving world.

Mares S.p.A.: Ludovico Mares designed and manufactured his first masks and spearguns in 1949. Over the past 60 years, Mares has gone such a long way, achieving new goals to take diving to new heights and depths.

Oceanic: In the late 1950’s when recreational diving was still in its infancy, Oceanic founder and CEO Bob Hollis started taking up scuba diving. Today, they manufacture a wide range of scuba and snorkeling equipment.

Pelican Products, Inc.: Pelican Products is a manufacturer of submersible flashlights, watertight protective cases, and ATEX certified torches as well.