The best scuba diving destinations in Hong Kong (part 2)

The best scuba diving destinations in Hong Kong (part 2)

Ung Kong Chau (Bluff Island)

What’s a car doing underwater, next to an isolated island? People theorize that the car was dumped in Bluff Island decades ago by smugglers, who sank the car in a desperate bid in order to get rid of incriminating evidence. Although it has been eroded by the sea, the chassis and wheels remain clearly visible. A relatively simple dive ranging from 6 to 10 meters, Ung Kong Chau is a prime diving destination for those who aren’t so experienced, but still hope to see something such as aquatic life while diving.

Ninepin Islands

An hour away from Pak Sha Wan pier, Ninepin Islands is an interestingly shaped islands group that are among the highlights of The Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark thanks to their hexagonal columns. The dive can range between 7 and 17 meters, depending on the place where you go in the area. Fish is visible at a shallow depth, and clown-fish can be spotted hiding in the anemone at a depth about seven meters. Dive deeper and discover other beautiful oddities like the sea apple, a surprisingly colorful sea cucumber which is aptly named after the bright red fruit. It is very lucky for you if you can find the rare weedy scorpion fish, a stunning purple-bodied fish, here.

Sharp Island

Considered as a diver’s training ground thanks to the relatively weak currents and ease of access, Sharp Island is actually a prime destination for spotting the butterfly ray. This island is a short, 10-minute boat ride away from Sai Kung, so it is great for those who are looking for getting into the water. In addition, many corals and colorful coral reef fish can be spotted at a shallow depth of around 4 meters. For those who are not quite ready for scuba diving, they can snorkel here if they are relatively comfortable in the water.