Top famous scuba divers in the world

Top famous scuba divers in the world

Scuba diving is one of the best way to discover the attraction of the unattainable undersea. Because we can’t breathe in the deep water, finding new life under water is difficult and impossible naturally. By scuba diving, you are easier to do it. But it is only limitation, we only live in underwater world a short time. So you should prepare technique and tips to start a new challenge in the marine.

Top famous scuba divers in the world  make you stronger and more powerful before starting a journey underwater world.

Jean-Michel Cousteau

He is listed in the rank first of excellent scuba divers  in the world. Told that he could dive when he was 7 years old. Once he was directly thrown to the water by his father because his father wanted to practise a newly invented aqualung strapped to his back.

As a good consequence, he is president of the Ocean Futures Society and famous filmmaker.

Lloyd Bridges

Made his TV series “Sea Hunt” in 1957, he introduced life of scuba diving to all audiences. He was one of the first instructor member of NAUI.

Zale Perry

Before officially beginning her diving career in 1951, she was a test diver for major equipment manufacturers.

She is one of members in project of development of decompression chamber treatment for diving injuries. Now she is a member of the Diving Hall of Fame.

Albert Tillman

He was born in 1928. Along with Neal Hess, he founded the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) in 1960. Until now, NAUI is regarded as the second largest certification agency for issuing scuba diving in the world .

John Cronin

Along with Ralph Erickson, he founded PADI which is professional diver training organization. As a good result, PADI is the largest certification agency for issuing scuba diving in the world.







Scuba diving- an amazing sport in water

Scuba diving- an amazing sport in water

Scuba diving is mainly way to discover the underwater world by yourselves. As definition, we are not able to breathe underwater, scuba diving helps you feel and attract the unattainable undersea world in a short time.

To enjoy scuba diving, you have to use scuba gear to breathe, see and move. It includes in diving masks, fins, snorkels, diving cylinder, and full body swim suits. It helps you to live in the environment where there is no oxygen and also protect you before wild animal in the sea.

Scuba diving considers as an underwater aquatic sport. It originated from Spain then spread to many European countries. Nowadays almost people are interested in scuba diving. They usually find novelty and strange from the life in underwater. Scuba diving also has become an official sport in the leagues in the world. There are main two kind of contest: individual or team with M 300 meters, night diving, immersion 6 kg, obstacle course and briefing. If anyone or team can complete the course fastest and effectively, they are honored as winner.

We can’t deny benefits from scuba diving. But scuba diving also brings danger and risk for diver. Some people wrongly believe that the air is pure oxygen but actually it releases poison the divers. In the compressed air, it contains nitrogen. One of the serious most effect is caisson’s disease. It also calls decompression sickness. To limit this issue, diver should not go a deep and not go back to the surface too quickly. You should dive in shallower waters.

To enjoy scuba diving safely, you should register a training course. Through course, you can get experience to handle the scuba equipment and to prevent and solve problems in the water. Please remember that scuba requires extremely physical and soft skill. Let it equip carefully before enjoying discovering the life in marine.