Overview about AIDA depth world championships 2019

Overview about AIDA depth world championships 2019

the 2019 Depth AIDA World Championship has been organized in Villefranche Sur Mer in France. It has been 23 years since the first event was held in there in 2007.

There are total 47 nations whom represent their countries to join this championship. They are proud of to wear their national team colors and hold their national flag to fight with other countries.

In the Athlete Parade, there are a few outstanding scuba divers make presentation before millions of fans. Almost athletes are full of energy with the heat of the afternoon sun and fan’s admiring. Then they have a meeting in the night to explain detail about regulation as well sharing experience among them. The judges emphasize about safety and professional skill when they are officially practicing in the match. The maximum depth is 3 meters on 9.84 feet. They want to protect their lives the best.

To watch and follow total status of this championship, you can search the AIDA International YouTube Channel. This channel is always updated the latest news about scuba diver, the top ranks so on.

During the event, the weather is not good, even a little bad, athletes still play the most to overcome challenge themselves. After that, we feel admiring their talent and strong brain of all athlete. Some famous athlete from this championship, including: Isabel Sanchez Aran (Spain), Jennifer Wendland (Germany) or Liv Phillip (Great Britain). They have already reached successful achievement like: diving in 73m depth with almost white cards and only a few yellow.

Finally, Fatima Korok (Hungry) is ranked first with the 2 next rank for Gillespie (Russia) and Jessea Lu (China).

In the Closing Ceremony, all athletes gather and stand on the pontoon to wave their nation’s flags and cheer happiness and success together. Although the number of medal is limit, all members become winner when they try the best to overcome many difficulties.

Difference between scuba diving and snorkeling

Difference between scuba diving and snorkeling

There are many fun and adventurous underwater activities which become popular with many people nowadays like scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming or diving. It’s great to immerse in the cold marine and explore the beauty of marine life.

Someone are confused between scuba diving and snorkeling when they use equipment to support diver in breathe and act in the water. But actually, they are different about many things such purpose, essential equipment, breathing technique as well dangers and risks. Following this article to distinguish clearly about both diving activities.

1/ Purpose

If Snorkeling allows you to explore fish, coral reefs as well marine plants from the surface of the water, scuba diving allows you to access greater depths. So when scuba diving, you can discover more interesting things under the sea like caves, shipwrecks or professional working.

2/ Essential equipment

With snorkeling, you only need to prepare a diving mask to avoid water out of your eyes and nose. So you can keep your face submerged underwater and breathe at the same time.

Whereas scuba diving requires more complicated equipment like good-fitting diving mask, a diving suit, a pressurized steel and swim fins so that you can dive in a further dept.

3/ Breathing technique

Generally, breathing technique requires basic skill, including keep the breathing tube from flooding. If you want to dive deeper, you should use a dry snorkel to support but it only last some minutes.

As for scuba diving, you have to use a scuba tank to keep your entire body underwater. You will breath via the regulator mouthpiece.

4/ Dangers and risks

Snorkeling is relatively safer and less risky than scuba diving.

Risk from snorkeling may cause from cutting or scratching from rocks and corals or getting sunburned when you are on the surface of the water.

Conversely, scuba diving comes with accidents or risk for health when you don’t follow steps properly.

4 good reasons why you should try scuba diving

4 good reasons why you should try scuba diving

Scuba diving has become one of the most popular sports recently. As other benefit’s sports, scuba diving brings you many benefits about fitness and health. In addition, you have a change to adventure the exciting world of underwater life.

To understand detail about scuba diving, this following will show 5 good reasons why you should try scuba diving.

1/ Improves concentration

In scuba diving, you need to concentrate on moving and diving carefully. Life in the underwater is not easy to control as we think, so we have to comply requirements from trainee to protect your safe during scuba diving.

When you connect many forms of life, please say no with disturbing or bothering to the magical underwater animals.

2/ Reduce stress and anxiety

Research points out that scuba diving helps you to forget stress or anxiety through relaxing experience for the whole body. In diving, you can enjoy sound of water, the deep blue sea or flexible movements of the sea creatures. This environment is completely comfortable and peaceful.

3/ Feeling detail about the beauty of nature

As referred before, the life of underwater world has impressive experience detail for everyone. Maybe for per diving, you can find out new creature or a new form of life which you have never known before. It is value experience from the beautiful and fascinating world.

4/ Scuba diving to stay fit

Although underwater does not require special workouts, smooth moving in a long time requires you about joint mobility and physical fitness. So it is good chance to practice your body balance without using diet or strict exercise in gym or yoga.

Both your spirit and health can be improved better when diving in underwater.

Conclusion: if you like sea and wish to discover the marine, enjoy scuba diving by yourself. It’s an interesting way to get valuable experience and emotion.

Types of scuba diving

Types of scuba diving

Scuba diving is one of the most interesting water sports in the world. Actually, there are other types and version of scuba diving. Depending on your scuba diver qualification level and diving experience is choose suitable scuba diving.

Here is explanation detail for per type of scuba diving. Follow it and find the best scuba diving for you.

What are different types of scuba diving?

You can see the specific types of scuba dive you can do or the actual types of scuba divers that dive to find out different types of scuba diving.

The first scuba diving starts with open water diving then explore exciting drift diving and the dark waters of the deep on a night. Besides it, you can also discover cave diving, free diving and ice diving to complete the scuba diving list.

Scuba diving helps you broaden more experience to dive deeper and explore fascinating wrecks and sea life.

Some main types of diving

Open water diving: The basic type is to access open waters. You start to get used to diving in the deep water.

Drift diving: You have to go with the flow of the water and drift the current gradually.

Night diving: You discover a whole new set of flora and fauna in the night. It’s a good choice to see sea creatures in the dark.

Deep diving: When you believe your diving ability, you should try to explore the deeper depths of the ocean.

Wreck diving: Your level is higher to freely explore ancient shipwrecks and the hidden treasures of what was lost under the waves.

Cave diving: You discover the deep water in cave place where it contains danger and risk. It prefers to specialist. Note that cave diving is not used for everyone, specially the faint hearted.

Ice diving: it means you dive in freezing cold waters, even it is under the ice.








Benefits of scuba diving

Benefits of scuba diving

Scuba diving is an enjoyable water sport in the world which attracts everyone because almost people are humorous to discover life in the marine.

But people don’t realize big healthy benefits from scuba diving. Whether you have a professional diver with enough experience in the sea or only start a new scuba diver, it still has numerous health benefits for everyone. Here is top outstanding benefits of scuba diving.


1, You feel stronger and more flexible

When you move in the water, your muscles tend to act and practice harder. Scuba diving in the deep water helps your leg to strengthen and your muscles more. Furthermore, it also builds up overall posture flexibly.

2, Boosting your breath deeper and better

A conclusion that when you breathe deeply and slowly, it can protect and optimize your air consumption. Besides it, slow breath will reduce the heart rate and promote your emotion better.

Steady breathing also decreases the risk of lung-expansion issues, mucus or asthma problems.

3, Reducing blood pressure

Actually when you dive in the first time, you tend to increase blood pressure.  It is explained clearly that you are joining a running race in the water.

But if you learn to dive with deep breathing technique, you can control moving rate then it decreases blood pressure and keeps your calm during scuba diving.

4, You can keep fitness

As outstanding benefit of general sports, scuba diving maintain your body fit. It is a way to lose weight healthily. During scuba diving, you can burn more calorie and energy. So it seems amazing when you don’t need to comply strict diet meals, you still can keep fit well.

5, Discovering the marine life


In your scuba diving travel, you can discover the marine life around your moving. Assured that it is immersed with excitement, wonder and novelty.

It can be diversity of fish, corals and critters or colorful of sea water or reefs. It seems wonderful and unforgettable.


Top 3 Scuba Diving Places In The World

Top 3 Scuba Diving Places In The World

Do you plan a vacation? Let’s buy a T-shirt and search for somewhere fresh and interesting to go scuba diving. Sure that you have a perfect journey. Don’t need to look further. Here is top 3 scuba diving places in the world as useful recommendations. Follow it and find destinations yourself.

1/ Raja Ampat, Alor, Komodo in Indonesia

Indonesia is a millions of island, it is regarded as the most bio-diverse habitat in the world’s oceans. Raja Ampat has more than 1,500 species of fish and the crowded with well-known coral species. It has massive numbers of sharks and other animals. So you feel extremely exciting when you discover the life in marine.

Please note that this island has strong currents, you carefully get some experiences under the weight-belt so that you can enjoy everything from this particular place.

2/ Malapascua in Philippines

Malapascua which is a tiny little island just off the shores of Cebu, is famous for sharks and corals. Estimated that there are more than 500 different species of hard and soft coral living in this place.

It is considered as ‘an underwater paradise’ with various species and animal around amazingly diverse and vibrant coral reef. The water current is extremely strong and attractive to adventurous divers.

3/ The Riviera Maya in Mexico

It is highly recommended by divers so it is one of the best destinations in Mexico. Cenotes which means deep sinkholes are a well-known feature at there. It has an underwater cave system which helps divers to access the marine life better.

In this place, you can look for many whale sharks, schooling hammerheads along with sea lions, penguins and iguanas around the islands. They peacefully live in vast system where you should take more effort to discover it fully.

Top famous scuba divers in the world

Top famous scuba divers in the world

Scuba diving is one of the best way to discover the attraction of the unattainable undersea. Because we can’t breathe in the deep water, finding new life under water is difficult and impossible naturally. By scuba diving, you are easier to do it. But it is only limitation, we only live in underwater world a short time. So you should prepare technique and tips to start a new challenge in the marine.

Top famous scuba divers in the world  make you stronger and more powerful before starting a journey underwater world.

Jean-Michel Cousteau

He is listed in the rank first of excellent scuba divers  in the world. Told that he could dive when he was 7 years old. Once he was directly thrown to the water by his father because his father wanted to practise a newly invented aqualung strapped to his back.

As a good consequence, he is president of the Ocean Futures Society and famous filmmaker.

Lloyd Bridges

Made his TV series “Sea Hunt” in 1957, he introduced life of scuba diving to all audiences. He was one of the first instructor member of NAUI.

Zale Perry

Before officially beginning her diving career in 1951, she was a test diver for major equipment manufacturers.

She is one of members in project of development of decompression chamber treatment for diving injuries. Now she is a member of the Diving Hall of Fame.

Albert Tillman

He was born in 1928. Along with Neal Hess, he founded the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) in 1960. Until now, NAUI is regarded as the second largest certification agency for issuing scuba diving in the world .

John Cronin

Along with Ralph Erickson, he founded PADI which is professional diver training organization. As a good result, PADI is the largest certification agency for issuing scuba diving in the world.







Scuba diving- an amazing sport in water

Scuba diving- an amazing sport in water

Scuba diving is mainly way to discover the underwater world by yourselves. As definition, we are not able to breathe underwater, scuba diving helps you feel and attract the unattainable undersea world in a short time.

To enjoy scuba diving, you have to use scuba gear to breathe, see and move. It includes in diving masks, fins, snorkels, diving cylinder, and full body swim suits. It helps you to live in the environment where there is no oxygen and also protect you before wild animal in the sea.

Scuba diving considers as an underwater aquatic sport. It originated from Spain then spread to many European countries. Nowadays almost people are interested in scuba diving. They usually find novelty and strange from the life in underwater. Scuba diving also has become an official sport in the leagues in the world. There are main two kind of contest: individual or team with M 300 meters, night diving, immersion 6 kg, obstacle course and briefing. If anyone or team can complete the course fastest and effectively, they are honored as winner.

We can’t deny benefits from scuba diving. But scuba diving also brings danger and risk for diver. Some people wrongly believe that the air is pure oxygen but actually it releases poison the divers. In the compressed air, it contains nitrogen. One of the serious most effect is caisson’s disease. It also calls decompression sickness. To limit this issue, diver should not go a deep and not go back to the surface too quickly. You should dive in shallower waters.

To enjoy scuba diving safely, you should register a training course. Through course, you can get experience to handle the scuba equipment and to prevent and solve problems in the water. Please remember that scuba requires extremely physical and soft skill. Let it equip carefully before enjoying discovering the life in marine.

Tips you should know about scuba diving

Tips you should know about scuba diving

Scuba diving is one of the most popular sports in the world with all walks of life. It brings novelty and fantastic happiness when you discover the ocean life. You are easily attracted by incredible beauty of the marine.

Actually, there are potential danger in the deep marine which you can’t control. So, you should remember the dangers of scuba diving to solve urgent cases.

Malfunctioning equipment in diving

Equipment in diving is expensive, so people have usually intention to hiring it from the owner. When diving equipment are used many times for amateur, it is easy to be broken or damaged. It is better that you should carefully test and check before enjoying your trip.

If there is any problem about diving equipment, it can cause bad result like drowning.

Pulmonary embolism sickness

When diving, the increased pressure of the underwater environment leads to raising the gas in diver’s breath. So diver needs to rapidly appear to the surface to catch up the breath. It’s fast speed causing the lungs swell. So many times, diver can be pulmonary embolism.

During diving, you should make slow ascents to the surface and remember that you never hold your breath in water. Try to practice to breathing in the water before starting this official sport.

Oxygen toxicity

The fact that it only happens when divers go up to 135 feet. On theory, the body absorbs more oxygen under pressure of raised underwater.

Estimated that in deep 135 feet, extra oxygen becomes toxic because it produces so much itself. It can affect to your vision, even loss of consciousness and seizures if you dive a long time

Marine life

We can’t deny that the marine life is incredible and mystery. But you should remember that this world is also wilderness. Both wild animals and sea creatures can be aggressive to you anytime they want. You should carefully take care of sea life with caution and respect.

Dangers of scuba diving

Dangers of scuba diving

Scuba diving is an amazing sport in water world where you can enjoy life of water. It’s wonderful if your body can be immersed by fresh water, especially in the hot summer. Both you are amater or expert, you completely enjoy this sport. If you need more support, ask a professional guide to instruct and teach you about scuba diving. Your mission is to use scuba gear to breathe, see and move in the underwater.

Actually, scuba diving is really interesting and exciting. But, you should carefully know danger of scuba diving. Sure that in the environment without oxgen, you are in trouble if you make a lots faults. Dangers can cause from the ocean and the individual yoursefl.

To reach full of happiness for scuba diving, let it read some notice about danger of scuba diving as below:

Dangers from lack of diving skills

The expereinced skills helps you to solve accident in the ocean. For example, you can know what to do in a situation or you are confident to carry out diving. If you lack skills, can’t imagize about accidents happened.

It’s the main reason always advise you that you should learn by theroy before practising on the sea. The scuba diving course helps you to make clear about difficulties and solution when diving. Although it is only theroy on paper, knoweldege you are improved will be used when practicing. Very useful!

Dangers from the ocean

The marine life is complicated than you think. Some animals are friendly but other can make danger to the human. So, by knowledge about of the marine life where you are diving in, you can aware of the risks. You will know which animal are aggressive when approached.

When diving in the bottom of the sea, you also take care of the currents are moving. It is easy to be dangered because your swimming can be against the current to get back to where you move.