Difference between Snorkeling and Diving

1. Snorkeling

You are equipped with a snorkel and swimming goggles. With this type of diving, you will swim under the water with snorkel and face down into the water to watch the coral reefs. Many people will wonder if you can swim to participate. Please answer that is possible. Because Snorkeling is swimming on the water and looking down below. So if you do not know how to swim, you can wear a life jacket. For those who know how to swim, you can dive deep down to see more clearly.

However, please note that when you are under water, do not touch the coral. Because there are many types of corals are easy to die when touched and especially do not crack coral. Perhaps you do not know, coral only grows up to 3cm per year in the wild. So to have the coral reefs we look at nowadays they have had to undergo decades of development. And most importantly, do not swim too close to the rocks. There are a lot of thorns on top of some coral. Just tap on them and you’ll probably have to sew at least 3 stitches in the leg.

2. Diving:

This is a type of deep diving with a scuba. In order to participate in this kind of diving, you should have some knowledge about diving. Often before diving, there will be a guide for you on the basics of diving. Examples are hand-engraved signs, scoops etc.

Those who do not swim well should not worry about this type. Because diving into the water you will have to wear an aerosol around 9kg. For a swimmer who can not swim well with the weight. You will be wearing a life vest. As you dive down, just pull the gas out of your life jacket and when you want to rise up. Just add oxygen to the life jacket.

Note when diving
When you go down to the water you will not be accustomed to high pressure down there. Often it will hurt in the same way as when the plane landed. Then try this trick: seal your nose and push a little hard. This will make the pressure balanced internally and externally.