Best Scuba Diving Spots in the Caribbean

With so many scuba diving spots around the world, we felt it was impossible to give you a list of the top 5 worldwide. Different corners of the globe have varying oceans and seas with unique beauty, so we didn’t want to open a can of worms with our readers by attempting to order them to say which is the best. With that in mind, here at SubaNevis we have decided to focus specifically on the Caribbean – a region that is renowned for its diving spots, clear and warm waters, and just generally an amazing place all-round. If you’ve never been diving before in the Caribbean, we highly recommend that you select it as your next destination!
As enthusiastic divers ourselves, we came to the conclusion of this list on the best diving spots in the Caribbean simply by taking a vote between us all. We’ve all dived in the area within the past couple of years, so we thought that we’ve given most of the region our best evaluation.

However, with that said, this is in no way meant to be a conclusive list of the best Caribbean diving spots, and we’re well aware that the diving community often disagree on elements such as these - as favourite underwater explorations are all a matter of individual taste. If you’re favourite Caribbean diving spots aren’t here, don’t assume that we have written it off – we might just not have been there! Without going on any longer, here is our list of the top scuba diving spots in the Caribbean.


Often the go-to place for people diving in the Caribbean is Bonaire which, together with Aruba and Curacao, forms the Netherland Antilles ABC islands. These are just off the northern tip of South America, and Bonaire is the smallest of the three. It is also considered by many to be the most preserved too, and this has obvious benefits for divers. Volcanic eruptions many years ago have created beautiful reefs with many species of underwater creatures. It’s an absolute Caribbean scuba diving must!

St. Croix

Up next on SubaNevis’ best diving spots in the Caribbean islands is St. Croix – the largest inhabitant of the US Virgin Islands. It has a particularly unique Danish influence due to past times, and therefore many Europeans will feel right at home when they visit. There are multiple dive locations available here too, ranging from beach and reef dives to wreck and wall dives. The national park of Buck Island brings a lot of visuals, while the Puerto Rico Trench is the fifth-deepest area of water in the world at 3,600 metres.

Virgin Gorda, BVI

Onto the British Virgin Isles now and Virgin Gorda is our final entry in this difficult-to-pinpoint list of the top Caribbean diving spots. It was a hard task to narrow it down to Virgin Gorda, as the British Virgin Isles have many hotspots, but we just about managed. What swung our decision, though, was the opportunity to get in and amongst a 150-year-old ship wreck – the HMS Rhone close to Salt Island. You can imagine what kind of state the boat is in after spending a vast portion of time sleeping with the fishes, and this only intrigues the casual diver to go and take a look. 

Alongside these three Caribbean dive spots we mentioned, we implore you to do your own research too if you’re thinking of going to this area for an underwater adventure. We didn’t mean for this to be exhaustive in any way, and there are plenty of other locations that are well worth a look. We hope you enjoy scuba diving in the Caribbean!