Best Scuba Diving Masks for 2018

Choosing the correct scuba diving mask, whether you’re snorkelling or diving on vacation, can make a significant difference between a fantastic and a frustrating experience. No one enjoys a leaky or foggy mask and relying on a diving shop to provide the right mask is never ideal.

All the masks we listed below had to meet certain requirements, including design, construction quality, durability, and comfort. Let’s take a look at the best scuba diving masks for 2018.

Tusa – M1001 Freedom HD

The Tusa M1001 Freedom HD Scuba mask comes equipped with a massive single lens with an enormous field of view. It’s considered one of the most comfortable masks on our list and provides buckles that can rotate up to 180 degrees. It’s extremely well built and looks very cool too. If you want a diving mask that is worth every penny, this is the mask you want to get.

Scubapro – Spectra

The Scubapro Spectra Dive Mask is a high-end mask that provides amazing performance. With two tempered glass lenses, it offers a marvellous field of view, and with huge sized strap adjustments, you won’t have any problem making adjustments underwater. We highly recommend opting in for the tinted mirror orange lenses if you want to avoid surface glare.

Phantom Aquatics Panoramic

This mask comes with a three lens design which is made from tempered glass, providing outstanding peripheral vision. This mask is also one of the most affordable options on our list and features a split strap design to ensure no leakage while underwater. The innovative buckle system flexes with facial movement and is extremely easy to use. This mask is also the least foggy on our list is great value for money if you are buying on a budget.

Scubapro – Solo

This mask features a fantastic single lens with a remarkable fitting silicone skirt to ensure it seals extremely well even if you have facial hair. This mask further impresses with a sturdy build quality and is extremely durable. It will undoubtedly last you a lifetime if you don’t lose it. The only drawback to this diving mask is the price tag due to its quality.

Mares – I3 Sunrise Panoramic

This is one of the most popular brands when it comes to scuba diving equipment, and this scuba mask is quickly gaining popularity around the world. It offers exceptional peripheral vision and is designed for divers with wider faces. The X shaped strap works perfectly to seal evenly around your head and utilises an extremely soft silicone skirt for added comfort.

Cressi – Big Eyes

This is another popular scuba diving brand, and the latest diving mask offers an extra large lens with sensational visibility. It is also very comfortable and thanks to its low volume design, it’s the ideal choice for free diving, snorkelling, and scuba diving. The inverted teardrop lens shape will offer you expanded view downwards, making it perfect for reef dives.