Best Scuba Diving Fins for 2018

Purchasing your own scuba diving fins will ensure that you never have to suffer from the discomfort and pain of wearing rental fins. You also won’t experience any leg cramps or blisters ever again. You’ll be pleased to know that a great pair of fins is also not too expensive, ranging from $60 up to $130. Now, you probably searching for the best diving fins on the market, right? Well, you’ve come to the right place as we included the top-rated fins you can buy in 2018.

Mares Avanti Quattro Plus

The Mares Avanti Quattro fins are some of the most popular fins in the world. One of the best features you’ll find on these fins is the innovative bungee strap which ensures divers can quickly, and effortlessly, put them on or take them off. They are also durable, comfortable, and great value for money.

Scubapro Seawing Nova

The Scubapro Seawing Nova incorporates acceleration, paddle fin power, and manoeuvrability thanks to split fins that also provide comfort and efficiency. It’s articulated joint allows the blade to pivot, reducing drag and maximising thrust at the same time. The pivot motion also helps to push you through the water more easily and manages to store energy.

Diverite XT

The scuba fins from Diverite are designed for tough conditions and ripping currents. Those that want to push extreme loads through currents will absolutely love these fins. They are constructed with high-quality neoprene, giving you the ultimate performance with less effort. The innovative spring heel strap will also allow you to quickly and effortlessly take them off or put them on.

Aqua Lung Stratos 3

The Aqua Lung Stratos 3 is an affordable, light, and durable fin. A special finish within the boot pocket provides stability and manages to grip the bottom of your feet to avoid them from slipping out. The blade can also flex easier due to the three material side rib area. The bending point has also been re-positioned, allowing you to make powerful kicks without much effort. This is the best choice for warm water scuba divers.

Atomic Aquatics Split Fins

The Atomic Aquatics Split Fins provide a truly impressive approach when it comes to diver propulsion. With a small kick, the split blades will act as wings as they slice through the water, reducing drag while creating lift to propel you forward. When you compare them to traditional fins, you’ll notice that the split fins will allow you to move through the water more effortlessly which results in more power and better comfort as well.

Mares Wave Full Foot Fin

The Mares Wave Full Foot Fin mainly caters to snorkelling enthusiasts but can be used for scuba diving as well. The blade construction is a channel design, allowing it to flex while creating a jet from the fin which offers better propulsion. These fins also come with a soft foot pocket, making the fin extremely comfortable while ensuring you don’t get any blisters.