4 good reasons why you should try scuba diving

4 good reasons why you should try scuba diving

Scuba diving has become one of the most popular sports recently. As other benefit’s sports, scuba diving brings you many benefits about fitness and health. In addition, you have a change to adventure the exciting world of underwater life.

To understand detail about scuba diving, this following will show 5 good reasons why you should try scuba diving.

1/ Improves concentration

In scuba diving, you need to concentrate on moving and diving carefully. Life in the underwater is not easy to control as we think, so we have to comply requirements from trainee to protect your safe during scuba diving.

When you connect many forms of life, please say no with disturbing or bothering to the magical underwater animals.

2/ Reduce stress and anxiety

Research points out that scuba diving helps you to forget stress or anxiety through relaxing experience for the whole body. In diving, you can enjoy sound of water, the deep blue sea or flexible movements of the sea creatures. This environment is completely comfortable and peaceful.

3/ Feeling detail about the beauty of nature

As referred before, the life of underwater world has impressive experience detail for everyone. Maybe for per diving, you can find out new creature or a new form of life which you have never known before. It is value experience from the beautiful and fascinating world.

4/ Scuba diving to stay fit

Although underwater does not require special workouts, smooth moving in a long time requires you about joint mobility and physical fitness. So it is good chance to practice your body balance without using diet or strict exercise in gym or yoga.

Both your spirit and health can be improved better when diving in underwater.

Conclusion: if you like sea and wish to discover the marine, enjoy scuba diving by yourself. It’s an interesting way to get valuable experience and emotion.

Types of scuba diving

Types of scuba diving

Scuba diving is one of the most interesting water sports in the world. Actually, there are other types and version of scuba diving. Depending on your scuba diver qualification level and diving experience is choose suitable scuba diving.

Here is explanation detail for per type of scuba diving. Follow it and find the best scuba diving for you.

What are different types of scuba diving?

You can see the specific types of scuba dive you can do or the actual types of scuba divers that dive to find out different types of scuba diving.

The first scuba diving starts with open water diving then explore exciting drift diving and the dark waters of the deep on a night. Besides it, you can also discover cave diving, free diving and ice diving to complete the scuba diving list.

Scuba diving helps you broaden more experience to dive deeper and explore fascinating wrecks and sea life.

Some main types of diving

Open water diving: The basic type is to access open waters. You start to get used to diving in the deep water.

Drift diving: You have to go with the flow of the water and drift the current gradually.

Night diving: You discover a whole new set of flora and fauna in the night. It’s a good choice to see sea creatures in the dark.

Deep diving: When you believe your diving ability, you should try to explore the deeper depths of the ocean.

Wreck diving: Your level is higher to freely explore ancient shipwrecks and the hidden treasures of what was lost under the waves.

Cave diving: You discover the deep water in cave place where it contains danger and risk. It prefers to specialist. Note that cave diving is not used for everyone, specially the faint hearted.

Ice diving: it means you dive in freezing cold waters, even it is under the ice.