Hello and welcome to ScubaNevis – a website dedicated to the incredible activity of scuba diving!

We’ve got a lot of information to give to our readers over a few webpages, but we guarantee that you will go away with a decent amount of knowledge on the subject. We welcome divers of all abilities, so don’t worry if you’ve never even set foot in the sea as we’re here to change your mind. To us, scuba diving is one of the most enthralling events that you can do in your entire life, and we implore you to give it a go if you never have before. It can be relaxing, exciting, informative and a whole host of other descriptions.

We’re here to tell you a bit about scuba diving itself to hopefully whet your appetite to go and learn. So, let’s get on with it!

The page on scuba diving equipment is a nice little introduction to any newbies who have found their way onto this site, as we understand from our own experiences how daunting all that kit can look to the untrained eye. We’ll explain what the basic equipment is and what it’s used for, while also giving a few hints as to the kind of accessories you may need if you become an avid diver in search of more qualifications.
Next are some of the best places to scuba dive in the Caribbean, and boy is this what every diver dreams of, . Crystal clear waters, endless species of creatures to say hello to, all within the backdrop of one of the most luxurious lands around. We’ve managed to narrow the list down to three areas that we think you should visit when you go to the Caribbean to dive, although we must say it was a difficult pick. Furthermore, please conduct your own research if you decide to go there to dive, as this is purely our own opinion. All divers have their unique likes and dislikes, so be sure to have a look at all the options.

First of all, who are the brains behind ScubaNevis, you may ask? Well, as you’d expect, all of us in our team of writers are keen scuba divers – but crucially, we’re all of varying abilities and experience. Some of us have merely dipped out toes into the vast world that diving has to offer, whereas others are experienced dive instructors who have spent countless hours exploring the depths of the oceans. However, the one thing that we all have in common is passion – pure interrupted passion for the activity of scuba diving.

As we share such an interest, we thought it would be a fun side-project to setup a website that encapsulates the magic of this activity. We know there are plenty of dive websites around on the internet, almost as many as online casinos with all the free spins offerings where you can dive in to world of gambling, but we thought we still put our passion on screen to fit our mood. On this website, you will find a guide on the basic scuba diving equipment that you will need to perform an underwater exploration, while finishing off with another page on the best places to dive in the Caribbean.


From all of us here at ScubaNevis, we hope you enjoy our website and all it has to offer. Happy diving!